Live Act Indie Punk Britpop Garage Rock
Reptilians - Indie Punk Britpop Garage Rock Live Act in Cumbria

Reptilians Short Info

Reptilians are proponents of infectious, angular and often bittersweet songs which make you want to fall in love and break up at the same time.

The sum total of three misspent youths listening to equal parts Britpop and Art-Rock, Reptilians share a love of catchy riffs, gallows humour and atmospherics, creating a sonic palette which has won them the attention and airtime of the BBC.

Having recently put together a band of like-minded musicians to take their songs to the stage, Reptilians are now intent on winning the hearts and minds of all who hear them live.


  • Sound Bed Of Nails


  • Cumbria GB


  • 2015


  • Luke Telford Guitar/Vox
  • Mike Proud Bass/Vox
  • Paul McGuirk Drums/Vox