The Redbook Project
DE Berlin – Soul / Pop / Jazz / Hip Hop / soul/jazz
The Redbook Project


Ascending Vibes - The Redbook Project

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my own bitches
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Jens Lindemeyer
Rehegoo Music
Mateusz Kromczyk
Press Text
The Redbook Project (Popular Soul-Jazz) is the Main Project of Singer, Songwriter and Composer MAXX.

The music she’s writing could be labeled as Fusion Jazz, but to make it more precise the band prefers to call it Popular Soul-Jazz. 

Their mix of Soul, Pop, and Jazz with influences from HipHop and rock is highly inspired by bands like Hiatus Kaiyote, The Robert Grasper Experiment, Snarky Puppy/Bill Laurence, Omer Klein Trio, and others.
Even though the inspiration is ranging more in the Jazz field, The Redbook Projects Music is much in the middle between Jazz and Pop.
The Music just as the Lyrics are meant to support each other, creating a complete concept of a message that might not be as easy to comprehend as later pop-music, but is not as inaccessible as lots of Jazz music are to the main public.
Sophisticated Lyrics are merged with sometime odd meters and experimental sounds, yet it all is framed by a universal Popular music frame enabling people to discover new and uncommon music.
Sometimes Groovy, sometimes floating, sometimes uplifting sometimes down to the deepest lows of life, The Redbook project try to captivate the full range of life and emotion with all the musical abilities they have to express them selfs and invite to be expressed.

“Yo. This is great!! Really dig your voice. Has a real unique tone and quality. Really like it.” (Bill Laurence)

“Bravo to you and the whole band for putting your hearts and souls into these songs.” (Omer Klein)

Festival and Gig Highlights of the Redbook Project:

Tag der deutschen Einheit Hit Radio RTL Bühne am Brandenburger Tor 2016
Opener at Urban Base - After Sunset Jamsession Berlin 2017
New Heritage Festival Düsseldorf 2017
Blues and Jazzfestival Bamberg 2018
Record release Changing Shapes Berlin 03.11.2018
Nhow Newcommernight Berlin 05.01.2019

Workshop-highlights of The Redbook Project:

LMAB - Live Music Accelerator Berlin 2018
Pop Kultur 2018