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Radziminski - Techhouse Techno Deep Techno DJ in Marburg

Radziminski Short Info

Started in a collaboration of friends do host open air events in the nature, moved into clubs to let people feel and dance to electronic music; now ready to make my own music and performing to enjoy the best kind of music by myself.
Feel the spirit, the movement, the happiness!

Past Gigs Radziminski

  • 03 | 2016 Marburg - Loft1 Philipp Mag Geburtstagsparty
  • 02 | 2016 Marburg - Tunnel Wundertüte
  • 01 | 2016 Marburg - Trauma Traumfabrik - Cellarius Kollektiv + CloudCouckooLand


  • Sound Kommt Zeit, kommt Rad!
  • Video Traumfabrik Aftermovie


  • Marburg DE


  • 2015