Qveen Elizabeth

Live Act Indie Alternative Pop Folk Rock Psychedelic Pop
Qveen Elizabeth - Indie Alternative Pop Folk Rock Psychedelic Pop Live Act in friedrichshain berlin

Qveen Elizabeth Short Info

Qveen Elizabeth is a swedish musician who lately found home in Berlin. Her self-written and self-produced material opens up a unique world of flowing vocal melodies and twisted soundpictures. Her music lands somewhere between Alternative Pop, Folk Rock and Dream Pop, with an honesty that makes it hard to turn the other way. The contrasts between soft and hard, bright and dark, naive optimism and melancholy are playful and unexpected, and melt together in a dreamy soundpicture.

Link to live-session for Freshmilk TV:

Past Gigs Qveen Elizabeth

  • 04 | 2015 Berlin Support Torpus & the Artdirectors
  • 12 | 2014 The Chelsea Bar/Berlin Berlin Sessions filmed by Freshmilk TV
  • 12 | 2014 Loophole/Berlin Clubshow
  • 09 | 2014 Berlin Music Week c/o Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH First We Take The Streets
  • 09 | 2014 Platoon Kunsthalle/Berlin One Spark Festival
  • 09 | 2014 Asphalt Club/Berlin Berlin Inspired Festival
  • 07 | 2014 Privatclub Rose Windows
  • 07 | 2014 Berlin Berlin Fashion Week, Magazinelaunch-party Shit Paper by Bonnie Strange


  • Sound Head Over Heels


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