Pyramid Suns

Live Act Rock Progressive Rock Stoner Rock
Pyramid Suns - Rock Progressive Rock Stoner Rock Live Act in Valletta

Pyramid Suns Short Info

We are a Progressive / rock / stoner rock band with a twisted pointy sound.We are willing to tour and play in every concert that exists hopefully some day but we need help as in our country it is hard to rock and roll and we know we are capable.We don't want the money those things come on there own.We want to spread our music to good souls .So please if there is someone with a good heart which can help us get to that point and musical success .Give us a chance.The world needs more music,Something that makes every stranger become one.Thanks.

Past Gigs Pyramid Suns

  • 04 | 2015 Zion Rock the South / Malta


  • Video Pyramid Suns - Joy Ride (Live)
  • Video Pyramid Suns - Devil Inside...


  • Valletta MT


  • 2014


  • Kyle Fenech Lead Guitar
  • Joel Baldacchino Vox/Guitar
  • Michael Vella Zarb Drums
  • Keith Fenech Bass