Puma Simone

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Puma Simone - Afro-Pop Alternative Hip-Hop Soul R&B Worldmusic Live Act in New Haven

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I am outspoken and I make music. I will fly/drive/bus/walk anywhere for an opportunity- no matter the time or resources. I am firm about expressing myself no matter how crazy I look. My short-term goals for this year are to effectively release my project "I Have Yet To Try", perform in at least 25 of the 50 states, throw one (epic) "RnB x Street Art" event, and secure an opportunity to teach my songwriting class in either the US or Abroad under "Teachers That Do".

Past Gigs Puma Simone

  • 03 | 2016 Somerville, MA PA's Lounge

Discography Puma Simone

  • 2012 Congratulations Mixtape | TTD


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  • New Haven US

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