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Pola Rise
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72c636351c91c9d6559b2f1f6cbf93f9be3de458 Anywhere But Here Album 2018
77eb7c17cafe55034f17b53fec6d2ef743650d90 River Single 2018
7614ce268fc76da16bda1f0dd6bc0926c7821f96 Jazda Single 2018
7830b0d72fbe96f43857785ae13d7544b626a7a6 No More (Maruv & Boosin Remix) Single 2018
50c07e5e29691fd31001a15481c5e94734c3325a Fear (RIP Swirl Remix) Single 2018
8ff84a347a4037a2f78e71996636cce83a2bdb6a Live Session Single 2018
Fa89070fb4051522501003e39ed7c448823b1130 OhOH (Roisto Remix) Single 2018
E7304980967df58dcce212755d3cf4d3d673dc00 Breathe Single 2017
6efa1ebd0c2e8515a6a25239c8477fba4d2931fe Fear Single 2017
C36b92c253568ef39f2b4775f65e14bc05f1f406 Hear You (Remixes) Single 2017
6b8f2bed846cec8db5be67fcff380afc368571a9 Hear You Single 2017
Pola Rise
45a20fcd3a383ea40a8ad50320b0947d05d75488 Behind Single 2016
E912914cddec0f41da959ffb05d107e46d5cb709 The Power of Coincidence - EP (Live) Single 2015
37b347c7b62377121ef66e09b9ac51ffa782426c Did You Sleep Last Night Single 2014
88c2cf2b0b76b9c084894020b060d51a5e6c7f76 Soulless Dance Single 2014
Warner Music Poland
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Anywhere but here Album 2018
Synestezja Rec
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder The Power of Coincidence LIVE EP 2015
Synestazja Rec
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder The Power of Coincidence EP 2015
No Agency
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Joanna Krawiec
Press Text
Pola Rise is a young composer, vocalist and lyricist.

She debuted in 2015 with EP titled “The Power of Coincidence” on which she blurred boundaries between electropop and alternative music. On the EP we can find songs like “Did you sleep last night” or “Soulless dance”. Debut mini album gained recognition from media and fans alike. Being compared to artists like Bjork, Lykke Li or Banks, Pola Rise was the only Polish artist invited to record her own Deezer Session, joining such a big music figures as Ed Sheeran, Selah Sue or London Grammar. One of the songs recorded for the Session was later included on American compilation prepared by BalconyTV, being among the best live songs chosen from entire world.

Pola had the chance to collaborate with artists like Loxe (producer of British vocalist NAO), Pati Yang, MANOID, Janek Pęczak (T.Love), Michał Wasilewski (XXANAXX). On tour promoting the release Pola Rise and her band played over 100 shows in Poland and abroad (Open’er Festival, Spring Break, Soundrive Festival plus festivals and clubs in Lithuania, Germany, Iceland, Austria, the UK, South Korea, and Italy). They also were lucky to support Selah Sue, GusGus and Karin Park.


Pola's debut album is a result of multiple travels. While working on the album she visited New York, London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Dublin, Torino, Seoul, Reykjavik and Oslo. Pola worked on the album with a few producers from different countries: ROBOT KOCH, NECTOR collective, LOXE, EMIJI, MANOID, and JANEK PĘCZAK, and that resulted in unique sound of the songs. Icelandic vocalist Sebastian Storgaard of the band Slowsteps is a guest on the album.