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Wintercord Music
Ab67616d0000b27334f83faf056d11276af5f6dd Break Down the Barricade Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b273f02fbd077e47c611ef63c216 Always Paradise Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b27357cfd509c1cc14e3c072fcf1 When Heaven Is Yours Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b2736c754269f5b742878afcd491 Taste a Little Single 2020
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The song „Break Down The Barricade“ is about your own shadow work, to free yourself from the shackles and limiting thought patterns of the past in order to find your own inner freedom.

The song is a great symbiosis of WiNTER‘s melodic vocals and the more hard rock Pink Cream 69 musicians. Peter WiNTER already started writing songs with his close friend and buddy Alfred Koffler (co-founder & guitar player/ PC69) in the early 80ies.
When WiNTER recorded „break down the barricade“ with Alfred Koffler/guitars and other PC69 musicians Dennis Ward/ bass, Kosta Zafiriou/ drums in Zanki‘s Kangeroo Studio, they met Chris Weller/ keyboards. Chris worked with Krokus, Edo Zanki and many other great musicians that time and turned to be „the missing link“ for the recordings.
We had so much fun, while recording with sound engineer Andy Lunn.

Single No.2, ALWAYS PARADISE certainly corresponds to the life dream of many people. The desire for a paradisiacal life, for a paradisiacal relationship where love lasts forever.
"ALWAYS PARADISE - when I close my eyes to get closer to you ... wherever you run to, wherever you hide - I always fall in love again with you" - sings WiNTER in his sensitive rock ballad.
WiNTER likes to sing and write in his songs about topics from his own life, based on own experiences, topics that moved him and with which he has dealt with himself for a long time. With the rock ballad "ALWAYS PARADISE" he wants to stimulate thought.