Pet Portrait

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Pet Portrait - Alternative Pop Rock Psych Live Act in London

Pet Portrait Short Info

Pet Portrait are a four-piece from London, drawing from 60s and 70’s progressive and psychedelic music and modern alt rock.

Formed in 2012 as a creative escape from bottom-rung working life, the band is Emile Lopez (vocals/guitar/keys), Joe Dobson (guitar), Tom Fleming (drums), and Ben Welch (bass).

Pet Portrait played a number of London shows in 2013/2014 off the back of their first two recordings, ‘Thumb Wars’ and ‘Cheap Flights’. In October 2014 they completed their second round of recordings, entitled ‘Holy Hologram’ and ‘Strangers We Know’, at Holy Mountain Studios in Hackney.

Past Gigs Pet Portrait

  • 01 | 2015 London Clockwork


  • Pet Portrait has no media connected.


  • London GB


  • 2012


  • Emile Lopez Guitar Vocals Synth
  • Babes Flemming Drum
  • Ben Welch Bass
  • Joe Dobson Guitar

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