Live Act Live-Looping Folk-Punk
Pastacas - Live-Looping Folk-Punk Live Act in Tallinn

Pastacas Short Info

Ramo Teder, known as Pastacas, is an old, bold, estonian ballpoint pen artist and one man-orchestra who is making folktronic music, experimenting with different traditional and some self-made instruments and loopers. He used to write not so good songs and perform here and there.

Discography Pastacas

  • 2014 Yaki-Läki Versions Remix | Õunaviks
  • 2013 Yaki-Läki (with Tenniscoats) Album | Õunaviks/ After Hours
  • 2011 Kõrvaklapid Album | Kohvirecords
  • 2004 Tsaca Tsap Album | Kohvirecords
  • 2002 Dehemardik Datis (with Barbariz) Album | Kohvirecords
  • 2001 Kõrvaklapid Album | Kohvirecords


  • Sound Röntuskaproov
  • Sound Vurr


  • Tallinn EE


  • 2007


  • Ramo Teder man-orcestra