Pae Kollektiiv

Live Act Contemporary Jazz
Pae Kollektiiv - Contemporary Jazz Live Act in Tallinn

Pae Kollektiiv Short Info

Pae Kollektiiv is a fresh new band on the Estonian music scene.
The ensemble consists 10 young, ardent musicians who met while studying in the Estonian Academy of Music. Our ensemble was born in spring 2013 when we came together to record some arrangements made by friends of ours. After working together we discovered a great vibe and synergy, and we have been playing together ever since.

Pae Kollektiiv performs music composed by Kirke Karja (pianist), where elements of jazz, rock and metal intertwine in a dodecaphonic, polyphonic paradigm, with impressionistic landscapes.
Our first album was released in 2014.

Discography Pae Kollektiiv

  • 2014 Pae Kollektiiv Album | Pae Kollektiiv


  • Video Pae Kollektiiv @ Philly Joe...


  • Tallinn EE


  • 2013


  • Kirke Karja piano/compositions
  • Allan Järve trumpet/flugelhorn
  • Aleksander Paal soprano sax
  • Mairo Marjamaa alto sax
  • Indrek Varend tenor sax
  • Keio Vutt baritone sax
  • Johannes Kiik bass trombone
  • Siim Usin bass
  • Tõnu Tubli drums

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