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Baylavwa is a five singers band whose inspiration has its roots in the Caribbean where they were born. It’s also five curious and demanding musicians who want to spread knowledge of the
Caribbean culture across the world.
Their originality ? The magic of the vocal’s harmonies, sophisticated arrangements and a smooth sound.
It’s five fingers of a hand decided to catch the hearts.

Award : Sacem 2011

Past Gigs on-z-road

  • 07 | 2015 LOCHES Festival de Loches
  • 11 | 2014 Paris
  • 03 | 2014 Paris Baiser Salé

Discography on-z-road

  • 2014 Ansanm Album |
  • 2011 Baylavwa Album |


  • Video Baylavwa "Sé Sa Ka Woulé"


  • Angleur BE

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