Live Act Folk Experimental Pop Shoegaze Indie
Offred - Folk Experimental Pop Shoegaze Indie Live Act in Chesterfield

Offred Short Info

Offred is a two-piece band who play a range of instruments, mostly violin, guitar, bodhran and reed organ alongside vocals, loop and effects pedals and objects hooked up to contact mics to create a sound inspired by folk, industrial and pop music.

Past Gigs Offred

  • 05 | 2015 Newcastle Upon Tyne BrewDog Sessions
  • 04 | 2015 Newcastle Upon Tyne ^broadside^ @ Bar Loco

Discography Offred

  • 2015 Howling Winds/Sunday Glow EP | Self-released
  • 2014 The Outside/The Ballad of the Sad Poppy EP | Self-released


  • Video Offred - Teeth that will
  • Video Offred - Howling Winds
  • Video Offred - The Ballad of the ...
  • Video Offred - The Outside
  • Video The Garden - Einst├╝rzende N...


  • Chesterfield GB


  • 2014


  • Simon Clowes Violin/Guitar/Noise
  • Jayne Dent Vocals/Bodhran/Reed Organ