Nuria Graham

Live Act Indie Rock
Nuria Graham - Indie Rock Live Act in barcelona

Nuria Graham Short Info

These are good times for Núria Graham. After publishing the successful ‘Bird Eyes’ in 2015, ‘In The Cave’, her new EP, arrives with four maturer songs. One of them, Toxic, is a magnificent cover from the Britney Spears hit. The artists’ music speaks for itself, and you don’t have to be too clever to see, with just one play of her songs, that you are before something unusual, something grand. With no time straight jackets, Núria´s solid and classic pop moves through a string of impeccable and modern songs, as evocative as the landscapes you would love to contemplate, over and over again.

Discography Nuria Graham

  • 2016 In the cave EP | El segell del Primavera
  • 2015 Bird Eyes Album | El Segell del Primavera
  • 2014 First tracks EP | Halley Records


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  • Video Dark Past | Núria Graham
  • Video Goodbye | Núria Graham


  • barcelona ES


  • 2014


  • Núria Graham Voice / Guitar
  • Jordi Casadesús Bass / Keys
  • Aleix Bou Drums