Nuno Miguel Marques Cracha do Couto
PT Lisbo – Deep Techno / Minimal House / Techno
Nuno Miguel Marques Cracha do Couto


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Born in February 1976 in Lisbon, Nuno Cracha showed an interest in music from an early age.

His first contact with music and the Electronic movement occurred in the beginning of the 90s in the famous Matines of Crazy Nights nightclub, commencing five years after Djing at the hand of his good friend Jay Lion.

It was also in 1995 that he was part of the famous and irreverent After Hours CLIMAXZ Team of Jardim Constantino, this time as a cupbearer.

In 2000 he started doing the “chillouts” of the DMTeam and Crystal Matrix’s parties. He subsequently chose to hold events of trance and his highlight was an event held in Alcoentre in 2001 which featured Infected Mushrooms, Bamboo Forest and Cosmosis.

After five years in the national trance movement, he chose to develop his professional career at business level and that led him to have a career in IT .

Returning to the Portuguese dance scene in 2011, Nuno reunites with his friend Jay Lion after several years without any contact and at Lion’s invitation he begins to develop his activity as public relations in some of Lisbon’s nightclubs. (Indochina, Vip’s Club and Dock’s Club).

Never losing his good musical taste and his critical side, he started playing and cultivating himself musically again, because the reality was that in 10 years a lot had changed in the music industry.

After perfecting his technique without any pressure, Nuno Cracha started uploading Djsets in the internet, asking his Dj friends about his work and receives very positive feedbacks from them, thus beginning his journey back to the music.

Opting first for Tech House, he quickly realized it was not what he loved and switches to Techno.