Numbers Are Futile

Live Act Psych Rock Electro
Numbers Are Futile - Psych Rock Electro Live Act in Edinburgh

Numbers Are Futile Short Info

Numbers Are Futile are an electronic duo with no sonic comfort zone.
Synths, samples and drums weave a soundtrack for dreams of liberation, in a universe where a subsonic bass is the ruler and a human voice foats above and beyond.
Infuenced by a cyclonic musical spectrum, Numbers Are Futile have been using their explosive live concerts as their weapon of mass conversion, where the two man band becomes a Medusa-like monster discharging high voltage songs in a swarm of rhythm and boost. Burial meets Neu!, Konono n°1 meets T-Rex, Dead Can Dance meets Panda Bear and they all go out for drinks.

Past Gigs Numbers Are Futile

  • 01 | 2016 Glasgow Live at BBC Scotland. On Air with Vic Galloway
  • 12 | 2015 Edinburgh In Limbo: Live in Voodoo rooms

Discography Numbers Are Futile

  • 2015 Sunlight On Black Horizon Album | Song, by Toad
  • 2012 Numbers Are Futile EP | Self-released


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  • Edinburgh GB


  • 2012

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