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Nularse - IDM Electronica Acoustic Electro Live Act in Chioggia

Nularse Short Info

Nularse is Alessandro Donin, italian producer and compositor, with a strong background as guitarist. His approach to the electronic music has been giving him the opportunity to create his music palate. The fusion between acoustic music, warmth voice and the strong structure of rhythm, generates synthetic and organic layers that are in continuous evolution of different elements. His music includes the sexuality of Rhythm and blues, melancholy folk ballet, dark and syncopated underground energy and exotic suggestions.

Past Gigs Nularse

  • 09 | 2016 Milan Linechek Festival - Load In

Discography Nularse

  • 2016 Physical Law EP | Fresh Yo! Label


  • Video Nularse - Say Hello
  • Video Spinning Top

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  • Chioggia IT


  • 2016


  • Alessandro Donin producer, performer

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