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Northlight live Putte i Parken 2017
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Northlight / Musichelp
4bf0458163dfbe68fd4da9e8a2188074afa00753 A Celebration of Humanity Single 2019
E36a0756f697819a13e32b6427f171542228ad70 Finding a Sun Among a Billion Stars Single 2018
5f4aff18ccc79e3340b83acabad28a4e415746ce The Grand Revolution Single 2018
87ccb9ca3d83ca540b42fa3d1b854efdea03cf95 Voyagers Single 2018
52ff8898f032a8a26796b4ffbf51488ab1764643 Fancy Cars Single 2018
44c6bf21612fab42d5851632bfa72a2fbd71212a Everlasting Sun Single 2017
B99ce1bb30cf32fb80a902334df210047c031771 The Fool Single 2017
92406e4201c64b87429a963f08f3c8a18fc6cb66 In This City Single 2017
Northlight, distributed by Spinnup
A68a83132cfe817b1fae4c7eed5cf738ef476727 In the Night Single 2017
7fd679b8cd5be0a2837a00c3ee441e3c13637406 Fly (Like a Sun Upon the Sky) Single 2016
E3f7e2dcb9174ab0dcd11f259c05eb4c92f098cb Shy Single 2016
746191e73ca2c512bd9defbb2f1ab7ca2d3b964a Wide Awake Dreamer Single 2015
1098ef9969bcbffd109f85a9b7329ab4892d042b Scars Single 2015
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Peter Åstedt +46733792937
Peter Åstedt +46733792937
Press Text
Born straight out of the music wonder of Sweden, NORTHLIGHT is the small-town indie pop band from Karlstad, with an empire of fans that stretches all across the globe.

The band has their roots within the vast fir woods of Värmland in Sweden, just by the
shores of the great lake Vänern. Founding members, vocalist and frontman Victor
Bergh and bass player Per Eresund, met in high school in 2012 where they after a
math lesson, to everyone’s surprise, decided to form a band. Self-taught and without
any previous experience they quickly learned to master the art of song writing and
were soon joined by lead guitarist Fredrik Andersson and drummer Johan Köhler.

They started rehearsing in a classroom in a nearby school, as theirs didn’t have any
rooms suitable for music, and with a handful of curious friends in the audience, they
made their very first live performance in the spring of 2013. Influenced by giants such
as Coldplay, U2 and The Killers, the bands future ambitions stood clearly defined
from the beginning, and with a total of 17 studio recordings released NORTHLIGHT
have already built a steady platform to build their future upon.

In January of 2015, the first single ‘Scars’ was released, which soon was followed by
the four-song EP ‘Wide Awake Dreamer’, including the song ‘One Man Land’ which
made it in on Sweden's biggest chart for unsigned bands, P3 Osignat Top 10. Later
the same year, the Swedes made their live debut abroad as they played on one of
southern Europe’s biggest festivals, INmusic Zagreb, stealing audience from the
British band Placebo who shared the same gig time on the neighboring stage. Back in
Sweden two months later they entered the stage on Arvika Hamnfest, one of the
biggest festivals in western Sweden.

2017 was kicked off with the new single ‘In the Night’, which lead to a signing with the
Stockholm-based music publishing company Musichelp. During the summer the
band played on major Swedish festivals like Putte i Parken and Luleå Hamnfestival,
as well as did their debut on the showcase festival Live at Heart in Örebro. The
popular indie rock song ‘The Fool’ was released in September and a few months later
the arena rock-flavored single ‘Everlasting Sun’ along with its acclaimed music video,
quickly becoming a fan favorite.

In between the releases and festival gigs, the band has been frequently occurring in
Swedish music blogs like Popmuzik, Djungeltrumman and Rockfarbror, as well as
international ones like Yack Magazine, Indie for Bunnies and Soundkartell.
Establishing themselves as a vital force for new music in their region of Sweden, they
now also received more media attention from local newspapers and magazines. Nya
Wermlands Tidningen, Amuse Magasinet, Karlstadsliv and Värmlands Folkblad has
written several articles about the band.

2018 would be the year when things really started to take off for the Swedish indie
pop group. It began with the release of their most successful single so far, the arena-
pop song ‘Voyagers’ that has been praised by fans worldwide. With the
announcement later the same year of the bands second EP ‘Finding a Sun Among a
Billion Stars’, a fresh new sound was introduced with a more acoustic, serious and
down-to-earth ring to it. The pre-EP single ‘Fancy Cars’ was followed by festival gigs
on Youbloom Dublin, Viva Sounds Gothenburg and Live at Heart Örebro for the
second year in a row, which lead to NORTHLIGHT being awarded the title of
INEStalents 2018. In November, the anticipated EP was released with its leading
song Midas quickly becoming popular, both among music blogs, magazines and the
band’s ever-growing fanbase.

The bands awaited 11th single ‘A Celebration of Humanity’ will be released on 17th of
May 2019, along with its photo mosaic artwork created from 532 individual photos
sent in by the band’s followers all across the globe.