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NOONEHONEY - Electronica Trip-Hop Indiepop Electronic Indie IDM Live Act in Nizhnij Novgorod


Duet Noonehoney - electronic music with female vocals, scattering a handful of alien sounds on the way of suspense то catharsis.

Before musician Konstantin Krit and vocalist Elena Rovnaya created in 2013 a joint project, they both changed a lot of genres and projects: from experimental electronica and rock and up to the extreme genres. This experience and the eternal search for both musicians of all new and unusual led to the creation of a joint project.

The duo released their debut album "Even Space" in November 2014, and in early 2015 the title track "And Ocean" entered the international compilation of "Take a trip" on the label Cuntroll.

Discography NOONEHONEY

  • 2014 Even Space EP | Cuntroll


  • Sound NOONEHONEY – And Ocean (EP ...
  • Sound NOONEHONEY – Even Space (EP...
  • Sound Hope
  • Sound NOONEHONEY – My alien astro...
  • Sound NOONEHONEY – The first fros...


  • Nizhnij Novgorod RU


  • 2013


  • Konstantin Krit musician
  • Elena Rovnaya vocal

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