Nonchalant Paradox

Live Act Psychedelic Rock Jazzrock Electro
Nonchalant Paradox - Psychedelic Rock Jazzrock Electro Live Act in Veles

Nonchalant Paradox Short Info

-Nonchalant Paradox is an experimental/pshychedelic rock band from Veles, Macedonia. It is one of the few underground bands and underground scene promoters in the country. Nonchalant Paradox is present on the scene since July 2014 and the band members are already experiencing difficulties regarding playing their music live, having in mind their first gig was controversially interrupted by the local police.


  • Sound Three Days In Mumbai
  • Sound The Psychopath From Stone Hill
  • Sound Nonchalant Paradox - As We ...


  • Veles MK


  • Sherafedin Kurt Drumz / Vocal
  • Filip Boshevsky Guitar / Vocal
  • Petre Stanckow Bassman / Keyboardz / Vocals