Live Act Lo-Fi Noisepop Garage Rock
NoFriendz - Lo-Fi Noisepop Garage Rock Live Act in Huntingdon/Coventry

NoFriendz Short Info

This is our demo album. We made it in an afternoon.

We're a duo, that plays a raucous live set using just Guitar, Snare, Floor Tom and all the air in our lungs. With striking stage persona's and influences from all over the place (Butthole Surfers, ABBA, Soft Cell, Flat Duo Jets), we take these ideas and turn them into a fuzzy, primal mess that has left local audiences stunned. If you want an energetic, unusual and original live act, then give us a shout. Thanks for your time!


  • Video Like Sex, but Good by No Fr...


  • Huntingdon/Coventry GB


  • 2015


  • Angus Knight Guitar, Voice
  • George Haverson Drums, Voice