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Andrea Ponzoni
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NICONOTE is a world, a universe between music and performance.

An Italian/Austrian Siren not definable, she’s a performer, an outsider artist of the independent scene developing a personal language.
NicoNote is an artistic alias created by Nicoletta Magalotti in 1996.
She has developed a personal language between music and performance, creating a mobile and interdependent work group. Acting in multiple territories related to theater, music, installations, clubbing, experimenting different languages ​​of live performance. She has toured music and theater in Italy and Europe, Canada, Argentina, Brazil.
In the 80s she was the voice of the Italian new wave band Violet Eves, playing in Italy, France, Swiss, Austria and Greece ( La Cigale, Printemps de Bourges, Transmusicales, U4, Biennale Mediterraneum) - released by the independent Florentine Label IRA Records together with Litfiba, Diaframma, Moda, Underground Life. The first album of the band Incidental Glance, was distribuited by Philips Japan in 1986.
A legendary voice of a generation, NicoNote represents the universe between music and performance. Since the late 80s she has been an interpreter and a singer able to cover a waste range from Schumann to Suicide, from Trad Jazz to House 4/4 club sounds. As an actress and performer she has often been directed by Romeo Castellucci / Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio. A huge success was her European tour Orestea, in which she palys Cassandra, an epic drama from the ancient Greece directed by Romeo Castellucci. NicoNote is constantly engaged in different fields of art: in the world of music, performance art, clubbing and entertainment, performing in important festivals, art galleries and foundations like the Foundation Cartier for Contemporary Art in Paris, where she was invited at Le Soirèe Nomades.
In the 90's She created together with the legendary dj David Love Calò a privèe-installation (inside the roaring disco Cocoricò) the Morphine, a place that became a symbol of an interesting italian Clubbing season 1994-2006. The creative synergy will lead to the realisation of unconventional events with a strong media impact.
In her path NicoNote has collaborated with very different musicians from Patrizio Fariselli (Area) to Mauro Pagani, from house producers Mas Collective to Teresa De Sio, from Dj Rocca to Mauro Sabbione (Matia Bazar) to Mirco Mariani (Vinicio Capossela, Saluti da Saturno), from Stefano Pilia (Massimo Volume, Afterhours, In Zaire) to Roberto Bartoli (Tommaso Lama, Steve Grossman), from Roberto Colombo to Piero Pelù and Andrea Chimenti, from Luca Bergia (Marlene Kuntz) and Davide Arneodo (Perdurabo) to the electronics of Wang Inc from Enrico Gabrielli (Caliber 35, PJ Harvey) to Elisabeth Harnik (Joelle Leandre, David Moss) and others. As actress and performer, she has been directed for several times by Romeo Castellucci and Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, Maurizio Fiume (he directed her in Isotta, a movie presented at the Venice Biennale Film Festival in 1996), Patricia Allio, Francesco Micheli, Luca Scarlini, Elisabetta Pozzi, Fabrizio Arcuri and others.
Nicoletta does not exclude surprises with NicoNote.