New Dimensions

Live Act Alternative Ambient Jazz Space-Pop
New Dimensions - Alternative Ambient Jazz Space-Pop Live Act in Tallinn

New Dimensions Short Info

New Dimensions is group of musicians whose music vibratsions go together with northern city flow. Hot rhythms get new souls in cold XXI. century technological Tallinn. New Dimensions offers versatile and delicate soundcolors and melancholic yet hopeful mood.

Past Gigs New Dimensions

  • 01 | 2015 Tartu AlterWinter
  • 01 | 2015 Riga AlterWinter
  • 01 | 2015 Tallinn AlterWinter


  • Sound New Dimensions - Visions
  • Sound Behind Or Between
  • Video New Dimensions - Visions


  • Tallinn EE


  • 2012


  • Marta Aliide Jakovski singer
  • Madis Muul pianist
  • Indrek Varend saxophonist
  • Raimond M├Ągi bassist
  • Peep Kallas drummer