Nearest Gas Station

Live Act Post-Punk New Wave Dream Pop Gothic Rock
Nearest Gas Station - Post-Punk New Wave Dream Pop Gothic Rock Live Act in Berlin

Nearest Gas Station Short Info

'Nearest Gas Station' is a berlin-based project composing songs in a synth-bass-drums configuration. Initiated in 2015 after the encounter of GA (Liebes Lager, ET/ /AL), TM (Lorena and the Bobbits), JM (Alice in the Cities, Hypnodrone Ensemble) at a show of the band Beach House, the trio improvises and experiments in waters between post-punk, gothrock and new wave.

Past Gigs Nearest Gas Station

  • 11 | 2016 LAS/Poznan
  • 09 | 2016 ACUD/Berlin w/ Caudal


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  • 2015


  • Gabriella A Voice / Synth
  • Thomas M Bass / Voice
  • Jeremie M Drums