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NASHVILLE PHIL EPK Raised on a farm in Oklahoma, Nashville Phil’s itinerant life as wrangler, motor mechanic, merchant seaman and much else besides provides the fertile ground in which to grow the tallest of tales.

Lyrically adroit and often wickedly funny, his stories teem with vividly drawn characters whose emotional dilemmas and moral ambiguities bring to mind the work of Randy Newman, Loudon Wainwright III, Warren Zevon, and Tom Waits. With a rough-hewn lo-fi sound and a fondness for iconic mid century microphones & vintage amplification, this act defiantly stands out from the crowd. If you’re searching for truly great songs with indelible hooks,  propelled by the indestructible backbeat of a resonator guitar, Nashville Phil is your go-to guy.

‘Country Music has survived famines, fires & floods, tornados & blizzards, iron, steel, and oil, and now it’s being buried in plastic. But not by ME!’ - Nashville Phil.

NASHVILLE PHIL / RETRO CLASSIC COUNTRY ORIGINAL is available as a collectors’ edition pressed on 7” premium weight vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, featuring four superb original songs. The line up includes Oren Marshall on tuba, Paul Clarvis & T.Daniel Howard on drums, Phil Polecat on bull fiddle, plus Harry Bohay on pedal steel guitar and Robbie Humphries on blues harp. Recorded and mastered in London UK, this sensational EP is available direct from the artist. 
Partial cues of all four songs are available for your review at