Mud Shark

Live Act Rock Grunge Alternative Rock Garage Rock Desert Rock
Mud Shark - Rock Grunge Alternative Rock Garage Rock Desert Rock Live Act in Aarhus

Mud Shark Short Info

Mud Shark’s one and only mission is to boil down the raw and reckless attitude of punk, the cool and laid-back vibes of the late sixties and the wondrous harmonics of pop into a single tight expression.

With dirty ear-shredding guitars, a solid rhythmic base and sexy keys these four guys will cruise through the greatest decades of rock history in a red hot Cadillac covered in the California desert sand.

If you’re a true rock-a-holic Mud Shark is without a doubt your new favorite drug!

Discography Mud Shark

  • 2015 Lend Me Your Ears EP | Gateway Music
  • 2013 Bonzo Did It EP | Not on label


  • Sound Face of Sin
  • Sound Down to the Wire
  • Sound Line Of Fire
  • Sound As I Lie Awake
  • Sound Break Your Spirit Down
  • Sound Strange Desire
  • Sound On the Blink
  • Video Aarhus Lyd #1 feat. Mud Shark

Fan Radar

1,437 Plays


  • Aarhus DK


  • 2012


  • Chryls vocals, guitar and bass
  • Alexander vocals and guitar
  • Christian bass and keys
  • Kasper drums and percussion

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