Mila Rozhkova

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Mila Rozhkova - Jazz Folk Rock Rock Cover Melodic Live Act in Moscow

Mila Rozhkova Short Info

Mila Rozhkova is vocalist, musician, composer and arranger.
She writes songs and instrumentals and performs with live guitar and backing tracks.
In 2016 she won the title of World Champion of the Folklore in category of individual performers.

Discography Mila Rozhkova

  • 2013 Заколдованные облака Album |


  • Video Мост
  • Sound Ночь перед Рождеством
  • Sound Lithium (cover)
  • Video "Costa Brava Folk Festival"...
  • Video “BALKAN FOLK 2016”
  • Video Мила Рожкова That man (cover)
  • Video Мила Рожкова Les passants (...
  • Video Мила Рожкова Тбилисо (cover)

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  • Moscow RU


  • 2010


  • Liudmila Rozhkova guitar+vocal
  • Vladimir Korol Manager

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