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Rhythm Bomb Records
Ab67616d0000b273457b2587e70bef23dc3f9d64 Rock Me Daddy-O Album 2017
Ab67616d0000b27333fa7dd7bb54762ba4e576fe Texas Boogie Album 2013
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Don't start breathin' down my neck Album 2010
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Mike Pennys Western Swing Club are an authentic 1940s/1950s outfit with a true authentic sound & look.

Mike Pennys' great crooners voice and superb musicians always give a exciting performance on stage. Definitely a great live band, whether at big festivals or small clubs. Always enchanting & danceable.

Mike has been playing at festivals all over Europe: The Rockabilly Rave, Hepcats Holidays and Rhythm Riot in UK, Summer Jamboree in Italy, Rockin’ around Turnhout (Belgium),Berlin Shake and numerous other venues around Germany.

Booking Contact: mike@mikepenny.de | +49(0)15167525508

+++ Update 2020: Due to the Corona pandemic all our gigs for 2020 have been cancelled or shifted to 2021. Let's hope the best!!!

+++ Update 2019: After the old formation "The Moonshiners" split up in 2018, Mike founded a new formation, "Mike Pennys' Western Swing Club". All members of the "Western Swing Club" are brilliant musicians and make a great authentic sound & look. They play 100% authentic Western Swing from the 1940s till early 1950s.
The band will start touring April / May 2020 - so you now have the chance to be among the first ones to book Mike Pennys' Western Swing Club. Exclusive offers for your Festival / country are possible.

+++ Update 2018: The Moonshiners have split up after 10 years

+++ Update 2017: New Album "Rock Me Daddy-O" - Release 2017-09-15

Mike Penny & his Moonshiners are back with their third album by Rhythm Bomb Records and reconnect with “Texas Boogie”. Musically richer and more sophisticated, they continue to follow the path that their idols have established at the end of the forties up to the beginning of the 1950s: with “Rock Me Daddy-O”, the Country & Western elements move in the background and are replaced by Jumping Jive, Boogie and Rhythm'n Blues (greetings from Bill Haley). This makes "Rock Me Daddy-O" the most danceable album from the five Hillbillies and should not be missing at any party.

Worth mentioning in addition to the danceable Jive numbers such as "Daddy-O-Rock", “Rompin’ Stompin’”, “Diggin’ The Boogie”, “Jump Jack Jump” or “How long must I wait”, a cool stroll version of the Indie-Song “Creep” (by Radiohead) as well as a cover of "18 Miles to Memphis", which sounds almost as if it was the actual original version of the Stray Cats title.

“Rock Me Daddy-O” sounds both vintage and modern at the same time. This is quite intended because with the recording of the new album, Mike has also fulfilled his youth dream and built up his own studio with a mix of old analog and new digital technology. That certainly explains the long production time of one year.

In the recordings, Dirk Hoeseler (drums), Albert Ricken (bass) and "Piano" Schulze (piano) put a driving, black beat among the otherwise rather white sound of the Moonshiners. Twinlines by Lap Steel (Rick Ramsey) and guitar (Mike Penny), together with Mike Penny's distinctive vocals, create the typical Moonshiners sound. Why the album bears the title "Rock Me Daddy-O" explains Mike charmingly: "Our average age is 52 years, and together we are counting 8 children (3 of them are in mine) ..." Questions?