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Migo Short Info

Migo is a guy who loves making music.
He only perform with vinyl.
His style can be defined as Techno but it is also influenced by other styles, like Techhouse or Minimal.

He started with Dj'ing in 2012, since then he had recording some podcasts and was playing at different partys and festivals.

Today he makes his first steps as a producer and we can be excited of what will come.

Past Gigs Migo

  • 01 | 2016 Wolfsburg Raum&Klang
  • 08 | 2015 Peckfitz Seelektrik 2015
  • 08 | 2015 Emden (Sachsen-Anhalt) Krach am Bach 2015


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  • Sound Migo - Transmission

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