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Michel Stirner - Singer/Songwriter Folk Acoustic Pop Acoustic Pop Live Act in Ampfelbronn

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Hi, I am Michel.
I am from Germany and currently I go to school and do my Abitur. I simply spend all my time making music and experience amazing things to write songs about.
I think everybody knows this little moment, when you see someone play and what he sings matches exactly on the situation you are in and it is just moving. I want to create just this moment with my very personal songs.

So, if you want me to play sometime somehow somewhere, just text me!

michel x

Past Gigs Michel Stirner

  • 06 | 2016 ABDERA Biberach Southside Warmup
  • 05 | 2016 ABDERA Biberach Open Stage
  • 04 | 2016 Konzerthaus Ravensburg Newcomer Festival


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