Matty P

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Matty P - Rap Hip Hop Live Act in mansfield

Matty P Short Info

Rap Artist From Mansfield Nottingham
been writing since 13
been recording since 18
Just released an EP called 'The Curse' on for free.
the song 'Don't Give a Shit' has 2000+ plays and 100 downloads
my total soundcloud plays come to over 7000, in reviews of 'Annoyed Andriod' ive been compaired to Eminem for my "Crazy Lyricism"
I write my music based on my life as well as telling other people's story's,
my raps tend to have a shock value to them.
I hope you like my music :)

Past Gigs Matty P

  • 04 | 2015 Nottingham Notts In a Nutshell

Discography Matty P

  • 2015 The Curse EP | Grim Music


  • Sound Father
  • Sound Matty P Ft. T - Truth - Don...


  • mansfield GB


  • 2008