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ManMachine - Electropop Singer/Songwriter Electropunk Live Act in Zagreb

ManMachine Short Info

ManMachine are Goran Uroich and Roland XP50. In 2011 ManMachine released album 'Now I'm Immortal' which made them immortal. In 2012 two EPs 'I Hate Human Race' and 'Two Songs About Death' had seen the light of day. In 2014 Nottingham based tape label LCP Music released 'Now I'm Immortal' on a beautiful orange tape. "Almost Better Than Silence" is the latest album by ManMachine, released on 28.09.2015.

Discography ManMachine

  • 2015 Almost Better Than Silence Album | Diy
  • 2013 Two Songs About Death EP | DIY
  • 2012 I Hate Human Race EP | DIY
  • 2011 Now I'm Immortal Album | DIY


  • Video ManMachine - Meaning Is Bla...
  • Video ManMachine - We Are Snowflakes
  • Video ManMachine - ELVIS is JESUS...


  • Zagreb HR


  • 2011


  • Goran Uroich Singing
  • Roland XP50 Playing