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MadenOktemErsonmez Short Info

MadenOktemErsonmez is a modern jazz trio which brings together some of the finest musicians from Istanbul, Turkey. Their music is spontaneous, open to interactions onstage, both between the trio and their audience. The performance includes a huge scale of greens from jazz, rock, drum'n bass, punk, noise, electronic to ambient.

Past Gigs MadenOktemErsonmez

  • 01 | 2016 Berlin Kantine Am Berghain


  • Video MadenÖktemErsönmez - Yedinc...
  • Video MadenÖktemErsönmez - SFG
  • Video MadenÖktemErsönmez - SFG


  • Istanbul TR


  • 2004


  • Sarp Maden Guitar, Electronics
  • Alp Ersonmez Bass Guitar
  • Volkan Oktem Drums

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