Mad Hatter's Daughter
DE Hamburg – Alternative Pop / Alternative / Singer/Songwriter / Acoustic / Pop
Mad Hatter's Daughter


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06 Jun / 2021 Unser Aller Festival Gifhorn
06 Aug / 2021 Sommernacht am Kaiserdom Königslutter
07 Aug / 2021 Sommernacht am Kaiserdom Königslutter
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urban acoustics
Ab67616d0000b273a29d629d971e6a30af9ddecd Walk with Me Album 2019
Ab67616d0000b27317d234f12a90017b57cef099 Life Affairs Album 2017
Isabell Koenig
Josiah Smithson
Josiah Smithson
Benjamin Schacht
Press Text
The name Mad Hatter's Daughter was originally Kira's idea for a fashion label.

It was meant to evoke emotion, authenticity and handmade excellence, the same elements that now define the music they make today. The multi-faceted songs, accented by Kira's deep and smoky voice, are compelling listens. "Female Rod Stewart", "Adele", "Stevie Nicks" are just a few associations made by those who have been awed by her sultry voice.

Behind Mad Hatter's Daughter is the couple Kira & Buzz T. Isles. The two met by chance. Buzz T’s then band needed styling advice. As fate would have it, it was Kira who delivered. Out of the patterns of the stage outfits came a design for these two to spend their life together. A "healthy" kind of crazy and a good portion of "Peter Pan Life Style", combined with fun and passion, define Kira and Buzz T’s lifestyle together.

During a drive one day, Kira unintentionally started to sing along to a song on the radio. Buzz T. was in awe. "Wow, what a voice!" Immediately thereafter, he gifted her singing lessons for her birthday. She was taken aback at first; "I really didn’t know if I should be happy or smack with the add-on gift mic."
A few months later they released a cover of "Hurt" and the raving reviews inspired them to go even further.

With their latest EP "Walk with me", the two have managed to develop their own signature style, in both song and sound. They’ve played their first tour in Germany, a few festivals in the UK and found themselves with Jeremy Murphy a producer who has been working on records of Robbie Williams, Adele, Sam Smith and many more big UK artists.

"To create the impossible, one succeeds only if one finds it possible." A philosophical view of life from Alice in Wonderlands’s the Mad Hatter to Alice at a cozy tea party. In the figurative sense, it is a piece of advice from the Mad Hatter to Mad Hatter's Daughter, which Kira and Buzz T. have not only taken to heart but carried out with enchanting success.