Mad Gerald

Live Act Alternative Indie space rock Stoner Rock Garage Rock Indie
Mad Gerald - Alternative Indie space rock Stoner Rock Garage Rock Indie Live Act in Edinburgh

Mad Gerald Short Info


We are a four piece band based in Edinburgh, with experience in previous musical projects based in Scotland, Greece and Spain. Our music is influenced by a lot of sixties and psychedelic music as well as the more danceable grooves heard in the early 90s so overall it is very much our own unique sound.

We have performed around Britain and Europe. We always guarantee an entertaining and energetic show full of interesting sections, an enjoyable show which is plain to see we are enjoying ourselves as well.

Please have a listen to our Soundcloud to allow the music to do the talking.

Past Gigs Mad Gerald

  • 11 | 2017 Banshees Labyrinth Mad Gerald Ep Launch
  • 03 | 2015 cabaret Voltaire, edinburgh

Discography Mad Gerald

  • 2017 Warm your bones EP |


  • Sound Gold Meadows
  • Sound Irresistible
  • Sound My Oh My
  • Video Nullified - Mad Gerald @ Ba...
  • Video Mad Gerald - See you on you...

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  • Edinburgh GB


  • 2014


  • Grant halliday Guitar, vocals
  • Neil henderson Guitar, vocals
  • Miguel hernandez Bass
  • Yiannis grafkangoras Drums,vocals

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