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Serena Williams
Ab67616d0000b2739d3b1b24ecc77f828f861f46 Ewe Am Eye Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b273869079191642a399f56f9072 Mama Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b2730dfd2a55fe0d315bdea42f28 Warriors Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b273410b31da7b4603e1b5308b91 Antidote Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b27395af0b9ae812ab592ff88e97 Shambala Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b273ae1c3a6a3d7221f17e6e423e Crazy Single 2020
Mutual Minds
Ab67616d0000b2731d7a3299b8a9441947e277b4 Brave Album 2020
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Official music page of M9Awakening M9 Awakening are husband and wife duo MOTH3R and 9TalesTheArtist: two Brixton-based musicians devoted to creating community, awakening minds, and reviving the ancient practice of storytelling through the urban tongue of their genre-blurring Witch-Hop music.

Using a mixture of carefully-crafted beats, raw vocals, live instruments, dance and visual art, their music ties together the artists' native rhythms of London, Jamaica and Latin America, in a visceral and unapologetically honest celebration of life on Earth. Inspired by the Mother-Goddess archetype, their lyrics are to-the-point, truthful and loving. They are unafraid of bringing awareness to social and ecological violence and repression, and less afraid of reminding us that we have the power to be and
to enact change. Soulful, gritty and expansive, M9 Awakening tell stories of past, present and future as a form of art-activism, encouraging others to recognise their creative capacity, while remaining deeply rooted in the current reality that we live in.

As well as drawing attention to injustice, M9 Awakening are also devoted to exploring the healing potential of music. During performances, M9 Awakening invite listeners to live an emotional process with them, through embodied art ritual. The audience is taken down into the beating heart of the unconscious, and asked to surrender to the now of feeling. MOTHER and TalesTheArtist deliver the listener's own voice back to them with a clarity that dissolves any sense of separation between artist and audience. In welcoming all elements of the human experience, their music becomes a mirror for that which needs to be felt, expressed, heard and released collectively. Their music provides a safe and nourishing container for people to acknowledge and move through difficulty, and towards freedom, together.

They are well-known for their unique and powerful music videos and also for an impressive emergence into the UK festival scene, having performed at Boomtown, Shindig, Sunrise, Small World, Landed, Equinox and most recently, Focus Wales Festival as part of BBC Wales emerging talent.

As well as live gigs, M9 AWAKENING have also been successful in getting their music played on National, International and digital radio, having been played on Jorvik Radio, Nam Radio and Soho Radio, to name a few. M9 Awakening released their debut album, BRAVE, on December 25th 2020. It can be streamed and or downloaded from most online, music platforms.

They went on to release a whopping 6 visuals to accompany the songs and plan on releasing another 3 in the coming months and are currently busy recording both music and visuals for an upcoming project called Bold, being released in 2022.