Luna Swell

Live Act Surf Psychedelic Rock Britpop Rock Garage Rock
Luna Swell - Surf Psychedelic Rock Britpop Rock Garage Rock Live Act in Haren

Luna Swell Short Info

Luna Swell is a band of four guys from North of Holland making a mix of rocking Garage, Psychedlic seventies rock and a hint of sixties Surf.
They did some gigs in Groningen (NL) and are working on their repertoir on an ongoing basis.
A concert is an experience in itself for those who have the ears to hear their good taste in vintage sounds.


  • Sound Tesla Coil
  • Sound Cold As Stone
  • Video Luna Swell in Groningen 5-1...

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  • Haren NL


  • 2015


  • Andy Leeming Guitar
  • eorge Schouten Basss
  • Dirk Pieter Feitsma Drums
  • Tjeerd Folmer Vocal& Guitar