Luna Rivers

Live Act Country Blues Acoustic
Luna Rivers - Country Blues Acoustic Live Act in Winchester

Luna Rivers Short Info

"Stunning vocals and beautiful country blues". Luna Rivers goal is clear; to be a catalyst for thought through music. In her own words - "I want to make music that makes people stand up and start questioning the world around them. I want to talk about issues we are facing today and start thinking about change."

Through her raw country blues sound, simple melodies push forward a more important message of human plight. Rhythmic guitars chug to the beat of the cajon or the chilling slide guitar, carrying a voice that speaks to the deepest parts of the soul.

Touring the 'Gold Rush' EP currently and launching a new EP in March 2016.

Past Gigs Luna Rivers

  • 11 | 2015 London Dead or Alive @ 229
  • 10 | 2015 New Forest Smoke and Uncut @ Limewood Hotel
  • 09 | 2015 Winchester Luke Colcannon @ The Railway (Support Act)
  • 08 | 2015 Hampshire Dantastic Festival
  • 07 | 2015 London Dead or Alive @ The Comedy, Leicester Square
  • 06 | 2015 Winchester Sea of Bees @ The Railway (Support Act)


  • Sound Better
  • Sound Country Girl
  • Sound Gold Rush
  • Sound Pay it Forward


  • Winchester GB


  • 2015