Luna Amară

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Luna Amară - Alternative Alternative Metal Alternative Rock Live Act in Cluj-Napoca

Luna Amară Short Info

Luna Amară brings a trademark sound - a unique fusion of heavy guitar riffs, trumpet solos and complex compositions, fronted by two vocalists with contrasting but complementary personalities and approaches. They are influenced by bands like Tool, Deftones, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam, to name a few.

Their latest studio album, „Pietre în Alb”, boasts the band's most polished sound to date, having been mixed by British producer Adam Whittaker. While primarily sung in Romanian, the album has four tracks in English, and while you might not understand all the lyrics, you will certainly grasp the feelings underneath.

Discography Luna Amară

  • 2014 Live la Conti Album | Amarcord
  • 2011 Pietre în alb Album | A&A Records
  • 2009 Don't Let Your Dreams Fall Asleep Album | Sunete
  • 2006 Loc lipsă Album | Roton
  • 2004 Asfalt Album | Roton


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  • Cluj-Napoca RO


  • 1999


  • Mihnea Blidariu vocals, guitar, trumpet
  • Nick Făgădar vocals, guitar
  • Şerban Onţanu-Crăciun guitar
  • Sorin Moraru bass
  • Răzvan Ristea drums