Live Act Downbeat Trip-Hop Synthiepop Synth-Rock Dark-Pop
LORN4 - Downbeat Trip-Hop Synthiepop Synth-Rock Dark-Pop Live Act in Beograd

LORN4 Short Info

LORN4 is a 4 piece down tempo band from Belgrade, Serbia, that brings together mantric trip-hop loops and samples with 80's synths, making them a strange, yet surprisingly pleasing soil for the guitar or flute themes, while whispery female and haunting male vocals float upon layers of noise and muffled subs.

Past Gigs LORN4

  • 08 | 2016 Kragujevac Live concert

Discography LORN4

  • 2015 Jedra Album | Mascom Records


  • Sound LORN4 - The Perfect Spot (D...
  • Sound LORN4 - Još Jednom (DEMO)
  • Video Lorna Wing - Šapat u Jedra ...

Fan Radar

1,807 Fans


  • Beograd RS


  • Ivanka Simic Lead Singer
  • Chedomir Stanojevic Guitarist/Singer
  • Srdjan Popov Bassist/Flutist
  • Marija Nikolic Keyboard Player

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