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LonelyTrip - Modern Rock Pop Rock Live Act in Obernbreit

LonelyTrip Short Info

We started the band five years ago when it was only the three of us. Now that we've grown up by gettin' used to the buisness, we are currently recording our first Album, so people can enjoy our music everywhere. We've had the experience that it's much harder to get success in this buisness if your our age (16-19), and it's even harder to play live with only three people! But we discovered loop machines in combination with synth-sounds, guitar sounds, a big bass and huge drums working for us, so we can definitely say: our fanbase has grown, everybody's waiting for the upcoming release and we're ready to play some awesome Gigs in 2017.


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253 Fans


  • Obernbreit DE


  • 2011


  • Phil Vocals & Guitar & Synth
  • Tim Drums
  • Dani Bass