Laura Hoo

Live Act Alternative Folk Blues Singer/Songwriter Rock Folk Pop
Laura Hoo - Alternative Folk Blues Singer/Songwriter Rock Folk Pop Live Act in Berlin

Laura Hoo Short Info

Laura Hoo is a furry blond little Elf with a remarkable capricious nature, especially when she is lacking food or her sixteen hours per day of sleep.

Her pointed ears are particularly beautiful and musical, and her voice charms all the creatures in the woods, ponds, lakes and enchanted castles.

When she's not sleeping or singing surrounded by all the Odin's creatures, Sleipnir the mighty horse and Ratatosk the immortal squirrel of Yggdrasil, she enjoys munching as an entertaining acivity for her alone or an always happy and entranced audience.

Past Gigs Laura Hoo

  • 03 | 2017 Barcelona Concert at Metric Market
  • 02 | 2017 Palma de Mallorca Concert at Cafe a Tres Bandas
  • 12 | 2016 Potsdam Lesebühne
  • 10 | 2016 Berlin Concert at Barkett
  • 10 | 2016 Berlin Handgemacht festival
  • 09 | 2016 Berlin Lesebühne at Naumann Drei
  • 08 | 2016 Berlin Beats for Needs
  • 07 | 2016 Berlin Concert at Ofen Bar
  • 07 | 2016 Pietarsaari Jakobsdagar
  • 06 | 2016 Fürstenwalde Fürstenwalde Stadt im Park Festival


  • Sound Hold On (a sneak peak off m...
  • Video Follow the River - Laura Hoo
  • Sound Eight In The Morning (Demo)
  • Sound My Heart Is In Beat (Demo)
  • Sound Chocolate Blues (Demo)
  • Sound Efter Festen (Demo)

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