Laura Hoo

Live Act Alternative Folk Blues Singer/Songwriter Rock Folk Pop
Laura Hoo - Alternative Folk Blues Singer/Songwriter Rock Folk Pop Live Act in Berlin

Laura Hoo Short Info

Laura writes songs to ease her heart and plays on the streets of Berlin to bring joy to the lives of complete strangers - making them stop, listen and feel. With clear influence from Blues, Rock and Folk-Pop and lyrics in English, Swedish and Finnish and catchy melodies the songs are here to stay in the heads of the listeners. The unique voice has been filling up many spaces and hearts and this is only the beginning of a wonderful journey!

Past Gigs Laura Hoo

  • 12 | 2016 Potsdam Lesebühne
  • 10 | 2016 Berlin Concert at Barkett
  • 10 | 2016 Berlin Handgemacht festival
  • 09 | 2016 Berlin Lesebühne at Naumann Drei
  • 08 | 2016 Berlin Beats for Needs
  • 07 | 2016 Pietarsaari Jakobsdagar
  • 07 | 2016 Berlin Concert at Ofen Bar
  • 06 | 2016 Fürstenwalde Fürstenwalde Stadt im Park Festival


  • Video Follow the River - Laura Hoo
  • Sound Eight In The Morning (Demo)
  • Sound My Heart Is In Beat (Demo)
  • Sound Chocolate Blues (Demo)
  • Sound Efter Festen (Demo)

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  • Laura Hagnäs vocals and guitar

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