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Las Balas Perdidas Short Info

Las Balas Perdidas is a rock and roll and blues band with an acoustic soul based on double bass and resophonic guitar. The original compositions of their singer and lead guitar player Agustín L. Blesa give to the band a genuine style, not comparable to any other band. It is really difficult to find REAL blues and rock and roll songs written in Spanish, but Blesa's tunes bring in actual poetry and the feeling of the blues and the rock and roll.

Sure you gonna be singing their songs as soon as you listen to them! Look for Las Balas Perdidas at Facebook, Spotify and

Past Gigs Las Balas Perdidas

  • 07 | 2016 Barcelona Barcelona Blues Festival
  • 07 | 2016 Cameros Cameros Blues Festival
  • 06 | 2015 Benicassim Benicassim Blues Festival

Discography Las Balas Perdidas

  • 2018 Bayakoa Album | ?
  • 2015 Lujo/Miseria Album | Self edited
  • 2014 Suerte EP | Self edited


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  • Video Bayakoa las balas perdidas
  • Video "Pajaro Azul" Las Balas Pe...
  • Video 05 - Flores - lujo/miseria ...
  • Video 06 - Croissant Perdedor - l...
  • Video 02 - La Callejera - lujo/mi...

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  • barcelona ES


  • 2012


  • Agustin L. Blesa Voice & Lead guitar
  • Julen Arruabarrena Rhythm guitar
  • Taisen Francisco Double Bass/ Bass
  • Matthias Grewelding Drums
  • Eric Ibanez Back vocals /percussion

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