La Raya

Live Act Worldmusic Pop Funk Hip Hop Melodic
La Raya - Worldmusic Pop Funk Hip Hop Melodic Live Act in Medellín

La Raya Short Info

La Raya is a band formed by 4 brothers of life and music that decided to tell their realities through their sounds.

Our project intends to get in touch with people with lyrics that send a clear message. We believe in a different society, one in which love and respect for the life of all living beings are the most important values.

La Raya sound fuses Latin music with electronic music, funk, rock, jazz etc.

In our live shows, we have 2 great friends and musicians, they are essential for a strong and energetic live set.

Past Gigs La Raya

  • 08 | 2015 Medellín Concert for the promotion of Paralelos album
  • 05 | 2015 Medellín Concert for the promotion of Paralelos Album
  • 10 | 2014 Medellín Live session for the tv show Registro Sonoro
  • 02 | 2014 Medellín Concert to raise funds to record Paralelos Album

Discography La Raya

  • 2014 Paralelos Album | Independent


  • Video La Raya - Epidemia (videocl...
  • Video La Raya - Ilusión (Video O...
  • Video La Raya - Distancias (video...
  • Sound Glow In Freedom
  • Sound Party Girl

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  • Medellín CO


  • 2011


  • Juan Camilo Castaño Drummer, singer, composer.
  • Camilo Giraldo Guitarist, singer, composer.
  • Juan Pablo Bustamante Guitarist, singer, composer.
  • Leandro Gómez Bass player.
  • Juan Fernando Rojas Vocals, keyboards and loops, invited musician
  • Manuela Valencia Vocals, invited musician
  • David Botero Live Sound Engineer