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L.E.A. - Contemporary R&B Hip Hop Live Act in London

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L.E.A. can be categorized within urban/modern genres such as RnB, Hip Hop and Pop along the likes of Rihanna and Iggy Azalea, with a distinct vocal sound and way of singing that differentiates her from most singers within these genres. She also designs some of her stage outfits and is an excellent and charismatic live performer with an extensive online presence.

Past Gigs L.E.A.

  • 06 | 2015 London Under The Bridge
  • 05 | 2015 London Proud Camden Main Gallery
  • 03 | 2015 London 229 The Venue

Discography L.E.A.

  • 2015 FLICK Single |
  • 2015 Birthmark EP |


  • Video L.E.A. - FLICK
  • Video L.E.A. Try Again Acoustic
  • Video L.E.A. - FLICK (Remix by Si...

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