Kyklos Galaktikos

Live Act Alternative Hip-Hop Noise Rap Experimental
Kyklos Galaktikos - Alternative Hip-Hop Noise Rap Experimental Live Act in Prague

Kyklos Galaktikos Short Info

Kyklos Galaktikos(KG) usually play in audience. People are standing around to see KG operating their instruments. KG are using lot of electronic stuff: samplers (Little DeFormer2, MPC500), synths (Op-1, Pulse2), iPad, FX boxes (Voicelive Touch, T-Resonator) and diy instruments (homemade drums from glass). Great emphasis is on music improvisation. Some songs are created from scratch to react to unique atmosphere of the certain show.

Discography Kyklos Galaktikos

  • 2015 mezi lovci mezer Album | Polí5
  • 2011 osa dobra Album | kg rec


  • Video kyklos galaktikos - nemehlo
  • Video kyklos galaktikos - orloj
  • Video Kyklos Galaktikos - I.N.R.I...
  • Video Kyklos Galaktikos versus Hu...
  • Video Kyklos Galaktikos - Nemehlo...
  • Sound tragédie I.
  • Sound brave heart
  • Sound výry
  • Sound sláva


  • Prague CZ


  • 2011


  • Jan Burian lyrics, vocs, Little DeFormer 2, OP-1, Nord Drum 2
  • Jaroslav Hrdlička lyrics, vocs, MPC 500, Waldorf Pulse 2, cow horn
  • Michaela Švédová vocs, OP-1, Roland SP-404sx, iPad