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Krekers - Rockabilly Rock Live Act in St. Petersburg

Krekers Short Info

Ice-cold rock & roll band from St. Petersburg, Russia.

We have recorded two albums with all songs written by us. Most of them are in Russian and some in English.

You can preview and buy Krekers albums on iTunes:

Zames na Rock-n-Rolle (2010)

Agent Number One (2012)

Discography Krekers

  • 2012 Agent Number One Album | Kapkan
  • 2010 Zames Na Rock-n-Rolle Album | Bomba Piter


  • Video Krekers - Chupacabra
  • Video Krekers - Saturday's Twist ...
  • Video Krekers - Sveta, Is That You?
  • Video Krekers live set at TV Rain...
  • Video Krekers live set at TV Rain...
  • Video Крекерс - Последний герой р...
  • Video Крекерс - Слуга народа
  • Sound Света, Это Ты?
  • Sound Субботний Твист
  • Sound Чупакабра


  • St. Petersburg RU


  • 2009


  • Vladislav Filippov lead guitar, vocals
  • Michael Kuznetsov rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Alexander Beryozkin saxophone
  • Philipp Kuzmin bass, vocals
  • Andrey Parfenov drums