King Orange

Live Act Alternative Rock Indie
King Orange - Alternative Rock Indie Live Act in Hull/Sheffield

King Orange Short Info

We are King Orange, an alt-rock/indie act from Hull and Sheffield formed at the beginning of 2016. We draw from a wide range of influences such as catfish and the bottlemen, architects, blossoms, deftones and joy division. We are recording an EP at warren records that is currently at the mixing stage and we hope for it to be out by the autumn.

Photography: Nicolai Gamulea Schwartz (copyrighted)

Discography King Orange

  • 2016 Demo EP | Independent


  • Sound
  • Sound


  • Hull/Sheffield GB


  • 2016


  • Tom Green-Morgan Guitarist
  • Leo Joslin Bassist/Singer
  • Oliver Witty Drummer
  • Taz Blain Guitarist