Kayla Painter

Live Act Electronica
Kayla Painter - Electronica Live Act in Bristol

Kayla Painter Short Info

Heavily influenced by Bristol’s legendary bass heritage, Kayla’s sound draws from techno, garage and post dub but hastily deconstructs and re-contextualises her influences into fascinating, complex and beautiful new forms. She crafts her experimental soundscapes from intriguing and restless rhythms, surging deep bass lines and warm washes of cloudy ambience. This is complemented by her hypnotising visual show which acts as the perfect companion to her engrossing aural assault.

Past Gigs Kayla Painter

  • 11 | 2014 Bristol Kayla Painter Live double screen show + Barnaby Carter
  • 11 | 2014 London Raket 808 launch party. Astral Pattern/Kayla Painter/The Caulfield Beats
  • 10 | 2014 London The/Das supported by Kayla Painter

Discography Kayla Painter

  • 2014 Railway Lines Single | self released
  • 2013 A Very New Everything EP | Bit Phalanx
  • 2013 Kayla Painter (re-release) EP | Bit Phalanx
  • 2012 Kayla Painter EP | self released


  • Video Kayla Painter - live show 2014
  • Sound Ga Ga
  • Sound Square


  • Bristol GB