Kate O'Callaghan
IE Carndonagh – Singer/Songwriter / Alternative
Kate O'Callaghan


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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder The Still Beyond Album 2013
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder To You EP 2010
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Irish singer/songwriter Kate O’Callaghan combines evocative melodies with intelligent considered lyrics, covering a gamut of emotions from sublime to cathartic in a skewed, refracted version of 'Alt.Folk'.

Refreshingly uplifting, with a unique aspect that explores the less obvious paths tonally as much as the expected.

Kate (Guitar/Uke) performs as a 2-piece with her husband and musical partner Seamus Devenny (Fiddle/Stomp/Percussion).

"Donegal natives with stunning vocals and deft guitar and violin interplay; the type of act who’d be right at home beside a crackling fireplace in your local pub or gracing a much bigger stage at the next big folk festival" - Folk & Tumble (Belfast, N.Irl)

"Perfectly delivered and contained lots of fine songs which marks them as an act to watch over the coming years. Kate has a beautiful voice and writes interesting song melodies and structures" - Lonesome Highway (IRL)

“Performed exquisitely..” - The Independent on Sunday, London (UK)

“Dreamy and Soulful” - The Dailymail (UK)

"Beautifully evocative…a treat for the senses" - GoldenPlec (IRL)

"Wonderful & Delightful. Charming ambassadors of music and song. They will be welcome back anytime" - Clifden Arts Festival (IRL)

"They just radiate passion and love. Excellent musicians" - Connemara Journal (IRL)

"As with many couples who play together, there is a special and unique energy between them. They have a shared passion and intimate knowledge of each other's musical styles, with close harmonies and familiar (and quite often funny) between-song banter which audiences find endearing and warm" - McGrorys of Culdaff (IRL)

To date, Kate has written and recorded an EP and debut Album, received national and international radio play (RTE Radio 1, Lyric FM, BBC Radio Ulster/Wales/Scotland and various other regional Irl/UK radio), has been funded by Culture Ireland to travel and play in America (MA) and has collaborated with various internationally acclaimed artists including The Henry Girls (IRL), Duke Special (N.Irl) and Session Americana (US).

Kate has also toured with and/or opened shows for several acts incl. Gretchen Peters (Grammy nominated Nashville Singer/songwriter), Peter Mulvey & Birds of Chicago (US/Irish Roadworks Tours), Amelia Curran (CA) and Jack Lukeman (Irl) and has performed at numerous festivals incl. Galway Arts Festival, Electric Picnic, Glasgowbury (N.Irl), Glastonbury (UK) and Guth Gafa International Film Festival.

Debut album, The Still Beyond (released Oct 2013), launched in assoc. with the Earagail Arts Festival was recorded and co-produced with Ted Ponsonby (who has previously worked with Emmylou Harris, Mary & Francis Black, Dolores Keane, Kieran Goss, Tommy Fleming, Henry McCullough etc)

"Subliminal, understated and simply glorious" - Fatea Magazine (UK)

"Intelligent, meaningful and extraordinary listening experience" - Fanrealm (USA)

“A talented singer/songwriter with a great voice..”   Shire Folk Magazine (UK)

"A lovely debut album.." - John Creedon, RTE Radio 1 (IRL)

"Warm, inviting, charming and delicate. A stunning debut album" - 2 U I Bestow (IRL)

"An accomplished songwriter" - GoldenPlec (IRL)

WEBSITE - www.kateocallaghan.com
EMAIL - info@Kateocallaghan.com